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3 Steps To Purchase More Twitter Followers

December 3, 2008 | By CouchTycoon | 1 Comment | Filed in: More Twitter Followers.

Here is your 3-steps-tutorial on how to buy twitter followers: Choose the quantity of followers you want to get on our homepage You will receive a confirmation email concerning your purchase If you have provided your twitter user name the number of followers chosen will automatically follow you (compare this convenience to other services!!) • Read More »

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Why To Donate For Twitter Followers?

December 2, 2008 | By CouchTycoon | No Comments | Filed in: How To Get More Twitter Followers.

Good question. To make things easier we call it “buy followers“. But in fact it is a DONATION. It just sounds better to say “buy followers” than “donate for some followers to follow you”. Or would you search google for “donate to get more followers”? I guess you would not. What is the money used • Read More »

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