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The deal: 5 Dollars for 100+ followers

STEP 1: Donate 5 Dollars to and 100+ twitter friends will follow you thankfully.

  • Click the “Donate” button below
  • ENTER YOUR TWITTER USERNAME like CouchTycoon at the PayPal form “Message to seller”! Otherwise we can´t follow you. (Read more about why it is a donation?)

Now please wait for our confirmation e-mail where you will find a twitter user name and instructions. For a preview what expects you look here.

Already got 100 followers and want another 100 followers? Use the button on this site!

3 comments on “Buy Followers

  1. Satisfied Customer says:

    Always satisfied my friend! Please let me know when I can make another donation!

  2. Satisfied Customer says:

    Your service is unique because with every other service, the user must follow all of the robots!

  3. […] it.  Detailed information will be provided on the buy twitter followers […]

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