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September 24th, 2009 by CouchTycoon | Filed under More Twitter Followers.

Valued friends of followers,

we are proud to be able to offer you 500 twitter followers now in total! So if you’ve already got 400 followers from us, you can get 100 followers more now. To do so, just use the button on our homepage canned.name/followers and choose 100 followers to purchase. If you haven’t got any followers from us, you can choose 500  followers to purchase of course.

By the way you probably took notice of our name-change. We decided to switch our domain name from twitterfollowers.net to canned.name/followers just to prevent any troubles concerning any trademarks. Actually canned.name is a service to digitize your business cards you’ve collected on fairs, events etc which we make accessible as spreadsheet, vcf or xls to enable you to easily import your contacts from business cards into gmail or outlook (which is only available to German customers at the moment).

We thought it could match to combine digitizing business cards and offering twitter followers on one domain name. Probably we can establish a ‘name/contacts/friends-management’ brand this way. We’ll see..

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