How do I get my new twitter followers?

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You can´t wait for your confirmation e-mail? Ok, a preview what expects you. But please note: This is only a preview. You must wait for the confirmation e-mail to get the user name of the twitter user you have to look for!

  • After you received the confirmation e-mail go ahead with step 3. (IMPORTANT: you can also go ahead before you receive our confirmation e-mail BUT YOU WOULDN´T GET YOUR FOLLOWERS. So you better be patient.)

STEP 3: Go to and follow all twitter friends our user is following.

  • To do so, enter the username example_1 (this is an expample because the name changes from time to time, the current username to look for will be provided in the e-mail) in the lookup form and click the “list” button.
  • Now enter YOUR username and YOUR twitter password, click the “check all” button and then the “subscribe” button.

After this step you are following all friends of our user. Wait for some minutes (5 at least) and they will auto-follow you too!

STEP 4: Now you can unfollow all users. Look forward for another 100 followers and subscribe to the more followers feed to get notified. Please note: is based on some other services like twitter of course, the serendipityit twitteruserimporter and tweetlater. So we can´t give you any guarantees. For example it could happen that not all of our twitter users will auto-follow you. For what reason ever;) We give our best but no guarantees. (which is called now) is NOT affiliated with! Thanks.

Meanwhile it is not longer necessary to do anything after your paypal payment. You don’t need to do anything. We do the rest. If you’ve provided your twitter user name the following process will start automatically and your new followers will follow you within 24 hours.

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